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METTLER TOLEDO Professional Moisture Analyzers

When moisture matters, METTLER TOLEDO Professional Moisture Analyzers deliver outstanding results. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Innovative heating and predictive result technology. Best in class.

Premium Performance for Best Product Quality

A high performance, 200 g capacity MonoBloc weighing cell, innovative hanging weighing pan and up to 0.1 mg readability provide best measurement performance. Highly reliable results are generated time after time.

Quick Operation

An intuitive user interface and guided weighing minimizes training and speeds up the process. Shortcuts let you start drying methods directly from the home screen with just one click.

Quick Analysis

Advanced halogen technology is the key to fast heating and precise temperature control. The final result is released in record time.

Quick Cleaning

Flat surfaces are completely smooth and sealed. Spills are contained within the draft shield.

OneClick operation simplifies processes

Manage OneClick shortcuts easily from a dedicated menu. The OneClick interface sets a new standard in safe, error-free operation. Start methods quickly with OneClick shortcuts.

Secure Reporting

Instant A4 and Letter format printouts and PDF transfer ensure convenient and secure professional moisture analyzer reporting.

Convenient network connectivity and easy data transfer

Connect to a network through Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Print your results on any network printer and push PDF and CSV files to file servers. Integrate your professional moisture analyzer into a data management system via Ethernet.

Performance verification for trusted moisture results

Professional moisture analyzer should be routinely tested in between service intervals to give conficence that moisture measurements are consistently correct. With SmartCal we offer a unique test substance that verifies the overall performance of your moisture analyzer in a simple 10 minute test.

Clever features ensure seamless compliance

Smart user management features provide the flexibility to assign rights and functions to individual users, hence ensuring maximum process security. Assign dedicated methods to individual users to avoid mistakes and assure adherence to SOPs.

More Products and Specs:-

MODELS Readability(sd)2g Sample Readability(sd)10g Sample Drying Programs Readability Stronge
Halogen Moisture Analyzer HX204 0.05 % 0.01 % Standard;Rapid;Gentle;Steps 0.001 %MC 300 Methods;3000 Results
Halogen Moisture Analyzer HS153 0.05 % 0.01 % Standard;Rapid;Gentle 0.01 %MC 3000 Results;99 Methods


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